Feb 3 Voting Rights Roundup via DailyKos

Going to try to keep track of these, as it’s a lot of good information on voter rights and voter suppression efforts all in one place.



Rachel Maddow: Texas Voting Rights Law

Keeping an eye on voter rights, this was Rachel Maddow on Friday, January 20th. Disconcerting that this is how things are starting.


New Blog Purpose and Direction

Following all that has occurred in recent months, weeks, and even the last few days, I have decided that I want to change the purpose and function of my blog. While these changes make this blog more suited for my needs, it may be less useful to external readers.

Those who followed me in earlier years know that this blog was focused on social media usage, personal finance, education, etc. It was written for the readers. That was fine for a time but I gradually had less time to devote to that activity.

Now I will use this space to keep track of those items that I am passionate about, that matter to me, that I want to archive and refer back to later or that I want to research further or simply throw out into the universe to see what responses they elicit because “inquiring minds want to know”.

Whether these posts will be of any interest to anyone other than myself is less important than having a space where I can document what items have captured my attention and what issues I feel are important and noteworthy.