“13 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On LinkedIn”

What LinkedIn goodies have you been missing out on?

How To Make The Most Out Of LinkedIn – Business Insider (By Steve Kovach, @stevekovach).

A lot of LinkedIn’s ~150 million users don’t know how to unlock its true potential.” – Steve

Mr. Kovach’s article is worth noting for several reasons. First, he delivers valuable information on various ways to use LinkedIn that users may have never known existed. (Example: Did you know you can turn your LinkedIn profile information into a PDF resume?) Secondly, he indirectly addresses something that many fail to do when jumping on new forms of media: exploring.

What to Do When You’ve Just Joined a Site

When you join a  new site online for the first time, there’s two things you should do:

  1. Click everything. And if you get stuck or lost, that’s why sites have “Help” sections. It’s better to explore all components of the site than to miss something great.
  2. Learn by doing. 

The second point is really critical. You can only really learn new forms of technology by testing out their features. The 13 things that Mr. Kovach lists are things I found before ever reading his article simply by exploring the LinkedIn site and trying out its different features.

Back to the LinkedIn Feature List

My favorite features on the list are:

What Do You Think?

Did you guys know all these features existed on LinkedIn?

Which ones were news to you?

Will you be trying them out?

Image Credit: Nan Palmero, Flickr